Started by students of IIM Kozhikode in 2010 with the aim of providing a platform for civic engagement and generating awareness on social issues, Calicut Half Marathon has grown ever since into one of Kerala’s biggest sporting events. We are proud to say that the Calicut Half Marathon is the first and to our best knowledge is the biggest student-organized marathon in the country. The marathon has supported various social causes over the years with themes such as 'Be the Change', ‘Transforming lives’, ‘Empowering Women’, ‘War on Waste’, ‘Gift a Life’, ‘Road Safety’, 'United Kerala - Upholding the Legacy', 'Pursuit of Happiness: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind', ‘Run for Unsung Heroes - Sanitation Workers’. In our quest to make society a better place to live in, we have joined hands with several NGOs, corporates, educational institutes, district administration, and civic authorities over the years. The uniqueness of this initiative lies in using the platform of the marathon to spread awareness about the selected theme amongst the general public. For this purpose, we organize various lead-up events such as Launch at the Calicut Press Club, Flash Mob at the beach and a shopping mall, Bike Rally, sand sculpture, campus run, running workshops, a promotion at movie theaters, etc. in the months preceding the marathon to generate awareness about the theme.

Race Day

Every year, runners, both national and international, converge in large numbers to participate in and witness the spectacular event. The races spanning 3km, 10km, and 21km are meticulously organized along the picturesque beach of Kozhikode, drawing athletes and spectators alike from far and wide.

Flash Mob

IIM Kozhikode students organize a yearly Flash mob at malls and the beach in Kozhikode to promote the Calicut Half Marathon. The event aims to engage the community and build excitement for the upcoming race through lively performances. It serves as a dynamic precursor to the marathon, enticing participants and supporters to join in the celebrated athletic event.


RIOT (Running Is Our Therapy) is a lively pre-event held within the IIM Kozhikode campus, offering students a break from their academic routines. It features competitive games where student groups compete for the championship cup, fostering camaraderie and team spirit among participants.

Kite Festival

The Kite Festival, is generally held at Kozhikode Beach, serves as a captivating attraction to draw attention to the forthcoming marathon. Its vibrant ambiance and scenic setting make it an ideal platform to engage the crowd and generate excitement about the upcoming event.

Walk The Talk

As a prelude to the 10th edition of the Calicut Half Marathon. IIMK organized a Walk The Talk event in association with Niravu from the CSI Cathedral, Mananchira. The event was a morning walk promoting the historical significance of various landmarks of the city. Environmental activist T Shobeendran inaugurated the event. He spoke at length about the importance of physical activity.

Decathlon Pre Run

Calciut Half Marathon in association with Decathlon Sports, Kozhikode, organized a pre-race run as a warm up from all the participants. This was an opportunity for the marathon to reach out to our runners before the race day. Participants are briefed on the various routines and guided on how to prepare for the half marathon.

Cycle Rally

110 Cyclist rallied through the streets of Kozhikode on a beautiful Sunday , with riders holding banners and waving flags. Cycle Rally was organized in association with Team Malabar Riders, Malabar Cycle Riders, and Calicut Pedallers in the Calicut city covering a distance of 10km.

Midnight Run

The Midnight Run serves as a pre-race warm-up event for all participants from IIM Kozhikode, providing an opportunity for marathon organizers to connect with runners before the race day. This unique event offers participants a chance to familiarize themselves with race routines and prepare for the half Marathon.